Title courtesy of Lou G from Twitter.

After tanks, it’s the healers’ turn to be slid under the microscope.  Our guests talk about the evolution of healing, as well as class differences, how to read healing meters, and they give advice to those out there picking up healing specs for the first time.  Of course, they also take a moment to answer questions submitted by our readers and listeners.

(Questions, by the way, that we really appreciate. Huge thanks to those took the time to send them in to us!)

In case you are wondering who those new sexy voices on the show belonged to, our guests were:

Lodur from WoW Insider, World of Matticus, Raid Warning and For the Lore (whew) was our Shaman
Lynesta from Word of Glory was our Pally
Jasyla from Cannot be Tamed was our Druid
Danslatable from Danslayers was our Holy and Disc Priest.

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