Episode 13: The Write Stuff

December 4, 2011

After a month long hiatus, where we shook off the dust from BlizzCon and Ophelie recovered from another leg of the Bossy Pally Bus Tour, we are back with Episode 13!

The idea for this episode came directly from one of our listeners, @FFPMMarc, who suggested that we make an episode about people who are new to blogging and what they should know before they get started.  Ophelie and I start off by talking about what blogging platforms we prefer (i.e. Blogger or WordPress), what are some good or bad reasons to decide to start blogging, how to promote your blog and the importance of Twitter, habits of other bloggers that really annoy us, and the highs and lows of collaborative blogging.

Plus, we sprinkle in a little chat about what we’re currently up to in our lives, our recent review on iTunes, and some big plans that Ophelie and I have for the podcast and our website!

Links from the show:

Blog Azeroth
Twisted Nether

As mentioned, we are available on iTunes, for free, 24 hours a day.  Feel free to subscribe to the show, download our most recent episodes, and leave a review.  We love hearing from our listeners and look forward to reading more of your comments and seeing more of your suggestions for us.

Thanks for listening!

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Episode 2: Hooked

April 30, 2011

Episode 2 is up!

With our special guest, Lady Erinia, we talk about playing WoW, playing WoW a lot, playing WoW too much and playing WoW way too much. We talk about gaming addiction, about how to cope with a partner who plays a lot (and a partner who doesn’t play enough!) and our own gaming habits.

For some background reading on the basics of addictions and gaming addiction, check out:
DSM-IV Criteria for Substance Dependence (the Traditional Dependence)
Wikipedia’s take on Gaming addiction

If you’d like to read some (or all) of Lady Erinia’s work on gaming addiction, here are the links:
Does Gaming Addiction Exist?
A Follow Up to that Paper
Epic Fail: Gaming Addiction, Part 1
Epic Fail: Gaming Addiction, Part 2
How World of Warcraft Scored me the Most Highly Coveted Internship of my Program

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