Episode 11: Fly On The Wall

October 12, 2011

After the whirlwinds that were our busy last few episodes, we take some time to kick back and chit chat the way that we always do when we’re on the phone with each other.   Except that we had the record button on, which led to a podcast episode.

Instead of a theme and a relatively organized plan, we ramble on about Blizzcon, our current gaming status, buying pets with WoW gold from people who bought them with IRL gold and, more importantly, whether it’s appropriate to hook up with your Twitter/blog followers.


You might notice some music at the beginning of the podcast which isn’t our usual Bond theme. You might also notice a voice that belongs to neither Oestrus nor I.   That’s because it’s nomination time for the Stopies!

The Stopies are an opportunity to give a shoutout to your favorite podcasters within the Gaming Community and to celebrate the work that’s being done throughout the Gaming Podcastosphere.

Like our show? Nominate us for a Stopie!

Don’t like our show? Nominate us for a Stopie in one of the less flattering categories! (Hey,  I’ve worked hard towards “Biggest Cryass!”)

For more info, check out the Stopcast website and send your nominations to stopcast@gmail.com before October 16.

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