Episode 8 is up! We’ve got a record number of guests on the show (at this rate, we’ll have over a hundred guests by the time the show reaches it’s first anniversary) and the energy radiating from our combined forces is undeniable.

Our guests, Fannon, Hydra, Christine and Ceraphus are all new parents, performing a delicate balancing act between their gaming lives and their budding families. They were gracious enough to candidly share their experiences: from success recipes, to trials, to selecting the best flavors of baby formula.

If you’d like to get to know any of our guests better, or if their guilds sound like one you’ve always been looking for, be sure to check out the following links:

Fannon’s Blog: Dwarven Battle Medic
Fannon’s Twitter: @Fannon541
Fannon’s Guild: Mountain Top

Hydra’s Blog: Almost Evil
Hydra’s Podcast: The Twisted Nether Blogcast
Hydra’s Twitter: @HydRAWR
Hydra’s Guild: The Sleepless

Christine’s Twitter: @StineErino
Christine’s Guild: Violent Apathy

Ceraphus’ Blog: Variant Avatar
Ceraphus’ Podcast: The Sundering
Ceraphus’ Twitter: @Ceraphus
Ceraphus’ Guild: Phalanx of Nod

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