Episode 9: Tank N ‘Spank

September 17, 2011

This episode of the Double O Podcast brings us (and you) four tanks eager to talk about the ins and outs, the ups and downs, and the lefts and rights of today’s WoW tanking.  We talk about the evolution of tanking throughout WoW’s lifetime, the changes to threat, the changes to Death Knight mitigation, and the overall experience of being a tank at this point in time. Our tanks also answer your questions about how to survive, in more ways than one, as a tank in World of Warcraft.

Please welcome:

Vosskah from Sword and Board (our Warrior)
Frostsorrow (our Death Knight)
Arielle from The Inconspicuous Bear (our Druid)
Miri from Guarded by the Light (our Paladin)

And huuuuuge thanks to Georgewow from The Mana Cooler Podcast for the awesome bumpers on this episode and on the previous one!

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