And we’re back with Episode 12! We actually recorded this the night before Oestrus and I left for BlizzCon, but due to me being on the road for the two weeks after BlizzCon, I couldn’t get this up until now.

Back in Episode 6, we spoke about guild and raid leading from a more progression-oriented point of view. This time, we wanted a different perspective. If we believe the statistics that Blizzard keeps throwing at us, then less progressive raiding is the majority, yet we rarely hear about it.

We figured we would remedy that.

We sought out Thespius, who for a few years has been one of the leading voices of “more casual” raid leading, notably through his work at World of Matticus (and as his guildie, I knew he was good XD) and talk about the meaning of “casual raiding”, recruiting, keeping raiders interested, dealing with those who use “casual” as an excuse to be unreliable, handling busy real life schedules, and more!

Looking to get a hold of Thespius?

Email: elder.thespius at gmail dot com
Blog/Podcast: Healer by Nature (Blog) and Raid Warning (Podcast)
Guild: Team Sport on Nerzhul

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