We (hopefully) ease ourselves back into something that may, perhaps, resemble a regular recording schedule. Blame me and my erratic life!

Oestrus and I talk about our time together in Milwaukee, including our hair washing habits and how the first thing I did when I reached her place was shed my clothes. Yes folks, she’s that good. At least her shower is to someone who just spent three days on a Greyhound.

I go on quite a bit about my trip, offer some insight into the World of Backpacking (WoB), and, so that it has some sort of a connection with WoW, I share some secrets about the wonderful gaming friends I got to see face-to-face. If, at any point you wonder who I’m talking about, here are links to the bloggers that I met:

Corath (who didn’t come up in conversation as the meetup was very short, but still a very cool guy!)
Thespius (and fellow guildie Arcas, follow him on Twitter!)

We then wrap up 4.1, talk about our experiences during this tier of content and brace ourselves for the excitement of 4.2.

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