Oestrus is the creator of The Stories Of O and has been blogging about her personal life outside of the game for eight years now.  She is a progression minded raider who also enjoys brief stabs at PVP and leveling numerous alts.  Her skills have earned her many titles, mounts and achievements, including being the proud owner of Val’anyr, Hammer of Ancient Kings

When she’s not raiding, Oestrus enjoys Chinese takeout, “RuPaul’s Drag Race”, and trying to find ways to fill up wall space in her incredibly spacious loft apartment.

Ophelie is the voice behind the The Bossy Pally & The Giant Spoon and a highly regarded paladin blogger in the community.  A self-proclaimed control freak with a penchant for overthinking things, Ophelie has a long history of progression raiding under her belt and was even asked to take part in last year’s official Raid Warning paladin roundtable. 

When she’s not logged into the game, Ophelie enjoys practicing gastronomy, traveling and reading up on various types of folklore.

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