Episode 7: Copper For Your Thoughts

August 12, 2011

I love gold!

Well, not really.  I just enjoy talking about it.

On this episode, we are pleased to welcome Markco, the famous face and voice behind the wildly popular Just My Two Copper and The Traffic Blogger.

The three of us share our thoughts on just about everything relating to gold and even a few things relating to cold hard cash.  We start off by talking about the second quarter dip in WoW subscribers and the possible reasons behind it.  We talk about the big news concerning Diablo 3 and the addition of an auction house that thrives off real money.

Lastly, Ophelie and I confess just how much gold we’re really sitting on and Markco teaches us the Five Steps To Becoming A WoW Millionaire.  There’s even some talk of how to generate traffic to your blog and why it’s about more than just page views.

Some of the links we brought up on the show:
Diablo 3 Gold Guide
22 Steps to using Auctioneer Correctly
5 Stages of Becoming a Wow Gold Addict

And if you’re looking for Markco’s book on Blog Traffic, fill out the form on the left side of The Traffic Blogger.

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18 Responses to “Episode 7: Copper For Your Thoughts”

  1. Markco said

    Hey girls, thanks for the awesome cast. I had a blast and really enjoyed the conversation.

    In case listeners want it, the d3 link is diablo 3 gold blog.

    Cheers! I’ll come on again any time!

  2. Arazu said

    I always get really confused by people who play Wow just for the market, when Wow as an MMO has a really bad market.

    There’s an MMO out there with player-run investment brokerages and stock exchanges and commodities markets and real-world accounting principles, where 95% of the items players use are crafted and crafting is a core component of the game. That one year I played that game was the only time in my 12 year MMO career I did any crafting, running a successful industry portfolio that just made a few types of weapons for other players to use. Playing that game was the only time I’d ever seen literally thousands of people just do nothing else in game but play the market, every day.

    Wow is a fantastic game if you want action and internet dragons, especially now with Cataclysm raiding being so excellent, but with the market lacking important economics tools and gold being made less important on purpose to discourage gold-selling, I’ve always just felt like serious market-players are playing the wrong game.

    I guess I’m what you’d call a “Wow Millionaire” but I don’t really sell anything outside of one small market, and I most definitely do not farm anything or go anywhere near dailies. Most older players just naturally have a lot of cash because there’s not much to use it on. Especially now that most guilds (even more casual guilds) cover repairs and flasks and feasts and sometimes even gems and enchants, that little bit of gold that drops from raids and dungeons and pixel monsters accumulates fast when your expenses are zero. I made 700 thousand gold last tier (December-July) doing nothing. The only reason I spent even a tenth of it was because I bought useless vanity stuff for friends.

  3. Scally said

    I am one of the lurkers you talked about so wanted to say what a good job you do on the podcast, it’s one of the more intelligent listens out there. Since Markco stopped podcasting I have had major withdrawal and this gave me my fix. If you put your mind to it making gold is easy, through JMTC and the gold guide I currently have 425k, not as much as some but enough for me. I work full time and raid twice a week so I make a little time for playing the AH because it’s a fun part of the game for me. Absolutely loving the podcasts, keep up the hard work.

    • Oestrus said

      Hi Scally,

      We honestly meant “lurker” as a term of endearment! Ophelie and I try to make ourselves as approachable and welcoming as possible, so we encourage people to reach out to us with feedback. I’m glad you decided to come out and do that!

      I don’t think playing the AH is something I could ever get the hang of. Believe me, I have tried. I have accepted the fact that I will remain poor, but happy.

  4. Valithria said

    Sounds like Marcko is doing on your show what he was talking about on how to make one’s blog more popular.

    • Oestrus said

      He sure is! I’m glad to see he practices what he preaches.


      • Valithria said

        You really do refresh your new posts fast, don’t you? 😛

      • Oestrus said

        Ha! I think it’s important to do that if you moderate your comments. You don’t want someone’s opinion to be sitting there for too long before others can see it.

        I actually get e-mail notifications when I get comments, so I promise you that I wasn’t hitting Refresh like a maniac. At least this time!

  5. Valithria said


  6. Alyzande said

    As another gold gamer in world of warcraft, I really liked the idea that you’re competing against yourself.

    It’s really fun to set yourself goals and to measure how much you’ve improved or if you’ve not reached the goals, to see what lessons you can learn from that.

    • Oestrus said

      “Gold gamer.” That’s a good one! I always wondered how I should refer to people like yourself and Markco. “Gold farmer” sounds kind of crude and “Gold player” makes you sound like Kanye West. Gold gamer. I’ll have to use that one, going forward!

  7. J said

    Hey ladies, really enjoyed the show and planning on listening back to previous episodes. Got some great tips from this episode and had a good time listening. Looking forward to the next!
    We should hook up and get you two on Stopcast one of these weeks, I’m sure it’d be a good time.


  8. Ryan said

    Great podcast. I would like to hear what you guys think about the buying and selling of wow gold with real money.

    Of couse it is against the terms of service, but everyone knows you don’t get your account banned for buying gold. It may happen in the rare anecdote representing less than 1% of people who buy gold, and that’s it.
    For many of us, buying gold is a simple c
    ost/benefit analysis.
    1. How much gold can I farm on my own per hour?
    2. How much in dollars would it cost me to purchase that amount of gold?
    3. How much can I earn per hour working my day job?

    If you make $25 an hour at work, but can only farm 500 gold per hour in wow, with wow gold selling for 5$ per 500 gold, buying gold is just good math and farming gold in game is a waste of your time. You ought to work more hours and buy all your gold.

    Blizzard knows this, knows people do it, and will not stop it because to do so would be foolish. This is because people with high hourly income, who buy gold, are less likely to be concerned about cancelling their subscriptions at any time.

    The thing is that with people in China farming gold for very little money per hour, in order for it to actually be worth your time to farm gold in game, you would have to be an incredible expert at it, like perhaps Marko, or just not have the financial real-life capability of making a little extra money. I suppose it is a bad economy, right now so gold-making in game may be more attractive now than it otherwise would be.

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