Episode 3: Getting Down To Business

May 15, 2011

This week (or should I say “this episode” since we record bi-weekly) we’re thrilled to welcome Codi, former paladin theorycrafter from Moar HPS! and all around super fun person.

We get into the business side of gaming as we talk about the state of Blizzard’s subscriber count and the more prominent issue of online privacy and security (inspired, of course, by the recent Sony debacle as well as Trion’s efforts and Blizzard’s own Real ID fiasco). Our business heads Codi and Oestrus also teach me a few things about targeting an audience and marketing strategies that may be shocking in the progressive sense and the less progressive sense.

We also establish that if Oestrus were a booth babe, I would totally take a picture with her so I can Sin to Win.


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Got a WoW Topic you’d like to talk about?

A few people expressed some interest in hanging out with us for an episode. We love getting new ideas and hearing new voices, so we’re very excited at the idea of having more guests on the show. Our episodes tends to be focused on a different, specific topic, so if there’s something you know a lot about and you would like to share that something, let us know!

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6 Responses to “Episode 3: Getting Down To Business”

  1. […] I said on Episode 3 of the Double O Podcast (which you should totally listen to if you haven’t already!), I totally predicted […]

  2. Scally said

    Hi girls, listened to the third episode first and now going back to listen to the others. It’s nice to hear articulate, intelligent female gamers who obviously know their stuff. You both sound great, very comfortable with definite chemistry.

    I have been getting bored of the usual array of podcasts lately and this has just hit the spot. Well done and keep it up, a new favourite on my itunes.

    • Oestrus said

      Thank you so much, Scally!

      Our goal was to bring something to the table that wasn’t already being done or that we feel could be done a bit differently and we love knowing that people feel the same and take notice.

      We’re glad you enjoyed it and take care.


  3. saif said


    This episode was so awesome I need to write a 1,000 word entry just to talk about some of the stuff you guys were talking about and respond to it.

    Thanks for talking about stuff that strays a bit from the norm of WoW blogs and podcasts – and yet being super-relevant to the game. The diversity is great. Keep it up!

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